Tradition is much big a word than normally people understand. If you consult the dictionary you will come across the meaning the tradition is something that is going on for a long time and haven’t changed much. The meaning of the word gets changed depending on the situation and also on the context. In different contexts the significance of the meaning gets changed. For instance, the meaning of tradition in a regular context and in a religious context is not same. Though from the surface the meaning is almost the same, difference is there in impact and significance of the meaning.


So, when the word tradition is being used in the context of Wicca, it has got a completely new significance and influence. Initially the word used to mean the passing of a lineage to the people who are getting into the very first degree or initiation of the craft. Afterwards the same word used to stand for cultural denomination within the same context. So, in short tradition is something that is going on for a long time. It can be a ritual or can be a special food or dress or a way of talking. When something goes on for year after year, it somehow becomes some sort of a rule.


Like any other sect Wiccans also has their own set of traditions, but as there are many differences between the crafts and cults of Wicca and the case of solitary practitioners of the cult, it is a bit tough to decide upon a certain set of tradition. People from different sects will have different traditions, and they will have their own opinion about the traditions. In short, it will be a completely chaotic situation. People who will become the members of the sect will feel completely confused about the whole thing. So, sorting things out is the requirement of the time.


The main aim of the various traditions that are observed and celebrated by the various sects is to tracing their origins to different figures of people and Gods. Each of the sects has their own belief and according to those beliefs, each of the sects is the best and most important. Now, the problem is not every one cannot be the best. Some of the sects refer themselves to the witches and this way they prove themselves to be different and distinguishable than each other. So, tradition has a completely different significance in the Wiccan context. Understanding it is not easy, but it is true that the tradition is quite a few centuries old.