Spells to remove negative energy


Energy is present everywhere, it is there within us, it surrounds us; energy is the living life and the dead soul. Many refer energies as Aura and many term them as the good energy and bad energy. This would be interesting to understand why energy is referred as good energy and bad energy, well to the extent my perception goes and what I can understand is we create energy, our thoughts does. We think of something good and we create good energy, we think of something bad and that creates bad energy or negative energy.


This negative energy are strong if generated from the heart and mind together of the generator and even effects the person for whom it is thought or created. This reminds me of my neighbor who was wealthy, healthy and happy but suddenly in few months’ time all his wealth, health and happiness started leaving him, at that point of time a well-wisher of his suggested him to look for free protection spell caster, the well-wisher was a wise man and said “it can be just your bad luck, but looks to me an evil eye or some negative energy present near you”. I still remember those words, and believe me friends my neighbor got hold of a spell caster to cast a free protection spell to remove negative energy and I experienced myself how spells change life. He was back to normal, all fit and fine and his business back in track, all is happiness that started leaving him came back and shook hands with him again, started staying with him forever.


This real life experience I had was more than enough for me to dig deep and understand about spells to remove negative energy, I went on and on from sites to pages and from lanes to places to understand how a spell can make such a difference and how spells change life. After much understanding, observation, study and findings today I can state out to all of you that there are spell casters who can cast free spells to remove negative energy from anyone and help the person to be happy in his or her life. Below I have underlined a free spell that I found many spell caster applying to common problem of removing negative energy , however you should always consult a spell caster who would be the right person to design a specific spell as per your requirement.


To cast this spell to remove negative energy you would first need some ingredients, collect all the ingredients first and then go ahead to read on the process of casting the spell. You would need an earthen pot, a ripe apple, some soil from the river and sea salt. Fill the earthen pot with the soil from river then dig a hole in the middle, put the apple inside the hole, cover it with sea salt and then bury the whole apple completely by putting more soil or mud from river. Keep the earthen pot on your window facing south north or west for a month, dig open and see if the apple has rotten or not, if not then change the soil, salt again and bury the same apple inside, wait for another month and check, by this time the apple should be completely rotten and gone. Take the earthen pot as it is and throw it in a stream of flowing water, like that of river water or the streams that flow from mountains or hills. You need to do this procedure three times and you will see that all negative energy that surrounded you will vanish forever.


Before you bury the apple first time and each time, you need to chant the below spell five times and then follow the procedure as outlined above.


“All negativity, I bury bury bury
All buried vanish the negativity,
luzucomus mimituomous,
burium karium khalastum,
All negativity, I bury bury bury
All buried vanish the negativity.”





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