Cast a Wicca spell: get your lover back

What you need to cast this spell

  • 1 pink candle
  • 1 bottle of 100% virgin olive oil


How to cast this spell to get your lover back?

Are you experiencing problem in your love life recently? Do you have a jilted love that you wish to re-acquire? If you think about these things normally, you probably won’t get any solution, so you have to think in a different way. Do you believe in magic, spells and charms? If you do, then the problem will not seem so problematic, because then you will have the power to win your love back with the help of magic. When you are prepared to take help of magic, you will need to do a little research on this topic. In your research you will find out that, there are ways to make the impossible happen.


The Wiccan spells are here and they will guide you through the whole process to regain your love. If you are already a Wiccan, you will understand the whole matter easily and if you are not, then you have to open those windows in your mind and let everything get in. once, you get to see the result you will start believing in things, yourself. There are many spells and many ceremonies under Wicca which can help you to achieve your goal. The best part about these ceremonies is the fact that they are quite simple and they do not require loads of expensive and unknown ingredients.


In order to make the spell work you will need three things and all of them are easily available and not at all expensive. You will need a pink candle, a bottle of 100% virgin olive oil and something to light the candle. The most important ingredient of all is the uninterrupted physical and mental peace. After acquiring the above mentioned things, you will need to follow a simple set of instructions. First of all, you have to put the candle on a table or alter. Then you have to smear the olive oil on the candle. The smearing will commence from the middle of the candle and then move upwards and downwards simultaneously.


After finishing the oil you have to carve the name of the person you want, on the candle. Then you have to light the candle and look at it until it burns out. All the while in the ceremony you have to channelize all your emotions and love and feelings into the candle. After the candle gets burned out, the spell will be over and you will get the result within some time.