Wiccan Spells for debts

Debt free life Spell



Debt is a huge problem that many of us face, the living standards have gone high and costly but the income remains as it was, leading almost everyone to no savings and then pushing people to incur debt. In some countries almost 90% or more of the population is living in debts. These debts keeps on building up, let us see how. Your credit card company approaches you for a loan offer and due to need of money you get attracted to the offer, not knowing exactly on what kind of charges are underlying with the offer, you just understand the rate of interest and the easy installments that you have to pay, well those words easy are never easy when you get the money. You take the loan and use it but now for some reason you do not have that extra money to pay it off in time, this gets you into debt, so say for example you have to pay two hundred a month but you cannot for some reason, now you will have that two hundred added to your next bill plus the charges for not paying plus extra interest on the revised amount after that two hundred is added and next month you see you have a bill of probably six hundred and this goes on if you cannot pay off, then after some months the creditor starts giving you collection calls and starts harassing you and then you see agents visiting your door and cabin asking for money, at the end you are gone for a toss.


In such a scenario you do not know how to come out of it and moreover you go into a state of depression and along suffer your family. But need not worry anymore because you can come out of this scenario and that too very luckily all because of Wicca magic. Yes, Wicca magic has the power to get you a debt free life. I have also heard from some people that they did not even paid a single penny to their creditors and all thanks to wiccan money spells, because after the spell was cast for them, suddenly in a few days the creditor called them up and said that they are writing off their debts, some even reported that the creditor saw details that the debt was paid in full. This is the power of Wicca, to make the impossible possible.


Now if you are into the clutches of debt then wait no further approach a good spell caster who practices Wiccan magic or even better use the spell below, cast it yourself and get a debt free life with Wicca. All you need is a chart paper, a red color pencil, some jajoba oil and some ferum leaves and a candle in the shape of your currency (USD, GBP, AUD). First on the chart paper draw the picture of the debts you have, so if you have a credit card debt then you draw a credit card, if you have two credit card debts then you draw two credit cards and fill in your credit card number and name as printed on the card, if you have a mortgage then draw a house and make a name plate with the name of your house or your name, if you have medical bills then draw invoice copies and write down the details as on your medical bill. Near each drawing write the exact amount of debt that you hold respective to the card or house or bills, all this you do with the red color pencil only, then sprinkle jajoba oil and ferum leaves on the paper and fold it so that nothing can be seen on what is written inside, place the paper under the special candle and light up the candle, now chant the below spell until the candle wears off and make sure when the candle is wearing off the melted wax seals the folds of the paper. When the paper is getting sealed chant the below spell twelve times, all your debts would be written off by the respective creditors in twelve week.


“Born free
Die free
Let the debt be away from thee
Creditors forget I owe nothing to bee
I am free as I should bee.”




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