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Top Ten Wiccan Symbols

Wiccan Pentacle

Whether out of sheer curiosity or personal interest, for sure you have, at least once in your life, confronted with the Wiccan religion, in one way or another.

Nobody knows what Wicca really is, other than a religious belief and a form of witchcraft practicing, but one thing is for sure: Wicca is yearly gaining thousands adepts all over the world, with an estimated number of over 750,000 American adepts at the end of 2009.

You have to admit, the fact that not much is known about, makes Wicca such an intriguing belief and practice. People all over the world, especially those in their teen or early adult years, are embracing Wicca for its liberal life style and positive views upon nature and the world itself.

If you’re not sure whether or not you have witnessed anything wiccan related, chances are that you have passed by several graffiti drawn wiccan symbols and had no idea what they meant, but found them really cool.

Here are the top ten wiccan symbols:

  1. The pentacle.
  2. The triple goddess
  3. The horned god
  4. The wheel of the year
  5. The septagram
  6. The spirit circle
  7. The air element
  8. The water element
  9. The fire element
  10. The earth element

The Pentacle is the main symbol of Wicca. It depicts a pentagram situated in a circle and it symbolizes the unity of body and spirit. It is widely used as a recognition sign by Wiccan adepts all over the world.

The triple goddess is, after the pentacle, the most popular wiccan symbol. Its depictions are various, but the symbolism is usually the same: the triple goddess symbolizes the changes of life, from birth to death. Female wiccan adepts wear the triple goddess as a talisman around their necks in order to express their feminine sexual energy.

The horned god depicts a circle with an upside down crescent moon placed on top. It represents the male polarity of the universe and it is widely used as a talisman which boosts men’s sexual energy.

The wheel of the year is the Wiccan interpretation of the calendar and the spirit circle is used in witchcraft as a way of marking the ground that will be used for the wiccan rituals.

The last four symbols, the elements are seen by most of the adepts as symbols of nature’s power and are usually used as talismans, with the belief that the elements can grant one protection from such things as storms, floods, fires and earthquakes.

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